A Clockwork Droid

The Clockwork Droid's are villains in the Doctor Who series. They were made by humans in the 51st century to repair spacecraft. Although the droids are not evil, they do go through any means when repairing, even killing their human masters and using their bodies as spare parts. Each droid is equipped with short rage teleport devices and scanners. The tenth Doctor and his companions Rose and Mickey came across a deserted ship in the 51st century named "Madame De Pompadour" they had already killed and used the crew as spare parts. The Droids believed that the key to fix the ship was to travel back in time to the 18th century and kill a french woman named Madame De Pompadour, take her brain and plant it in the ship, dressed in french disguises. The droids almost succeeded untill the Doctor and a horse named Arthur stepped in.