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Dagoth, also referred to as the Dreaming God, is a fictional ancient Paleolithic god and the true main antagonist in the 1984 fantasy film, Conan The Destroyer.

In the film, he was worshipped by the Monarch, Taramis, and the people of the Kingdom of Shadizar. He is depicted as a large, handsome marble statue which can come to life when the magical horn is re-attached to his head. A young virgin with a special mark on her body must also be sacrificed. Queen Taramis's neice Jehnna (the young virgin Princess) goes with Conan to collect a magical orb that resembles a glowing diamond. On their way they meet several others. Jehnna retrieves the jewel-like orb after Conan defeats the shape-shifting and illusory wizard. The group make their way to another temple where they use the orb to gather the ornate and supernatural horn. Once acquired, Jehnna is escorted back to the castle with her chief guard, Bombaata, by her side. She is taken to Queen Taramis' castle where she will be sacrificed. They place the horn on Dagoth's head, and the High Priest is set to kill Jehnna. But Conan and his traveling band intervene. Zula kills the head priest by throwing her spear into his abdomen.


The statue of Dagoth starts to melt and disfigure, and comes to life. He impales the villainous Queen Taramis with his horn, then attacks Conan. Conan retorts, but hardly manages to hurt him. Luckily the wise magician, Akiro, tells him to remove the horn because it is the source of Dagoth's life force. Conan tears off the horn, and Dagoth dies slowly at the end of the stairs.