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A Face Hugger

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Face Hugger Diagram

From the Alien film series, Face Huggers are the second stage of the Xenomorph life cycle, (the first being the Egg). The Face Huggers would lie in wait of their prey, and when any organic life form comes near it would leap from its egg and attach itself to the subjects face. The subject would then go into a deep sleep as the Alien embryo is injected into the subjects stomach. Later when the Face Hugger seemingly dies the subject would have a sudden craving for food and will eat as much as possible until death. Queen Face Huggers are Face Huggers which come from the Queen's ovary. The only seen one is in Alien 3 were it attaches itself to a Cow-like creature and dies soon after which releases the Runner Alien into the prison colony on Fiorina 161.


  • There are numerous toys of the Face Huggers even soft plushie ones.
  • The Face Huggers are in most of the Alien series of videogames.
  • The original design of the face huggers are more like an Octopus, much like the Trilobite from Prometheus.