Greta, or the Girl Gremlin, is a mutant Gremlin from Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

Originally a normal gremlin that broke into Dr Catheter's Splice'o'life lab, it stole and drank one of the formulas transforming it into the gremlin that is Greta. Although she is harmless the moment the Clamp employee Forrester goes into the lab, he latches herself onto his leg refusing to let go.

Later Greta is seen with the other gremlins in the lobby of Clamp Tower singing with her brethren. But before the song is over, she runs off to find her love Forrester whom she then forces into a shotgun marriage, and is seen to be the only known surviving gremlin.


  • There is a small figure of Greta and a larger more possible Greta figure some time in the future.


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