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Guigass is an ape-like snow beast that appeared in episode 25 of Ultraman.


On a routine mission, the Science Patrol come across Guigass roaring in the snowy mountains, it either came with the astriod that had recently passed earth or had been awakened from it, either way it had swallowed an Atomic Bomb, when the Science Patrol go to investigate theyre attacked by Dorako.

Shortly later Guigass is seen doing battle with Red King and Dorako during the fight Gigass flees the fight after taking heavy beatings. Shortly afterwards, a Science Patrol jet locates him and flies above and then drops a test bomb on him destroying the great beast. If Gigass had not swallowed the bomb, it's likely the Science Patrol would have left it to live but as it had to be killed as soon as possible.


  • There are two Gashapon toys of Guigass, as well as a larger Xplus figure.
  • Guigass is a modified Hydra suit.
  • Whilst notes on the Complete Ultraman Series DVD say that he can fire a freezing beam. This is never shown in the episode.