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The Hippocampi are creatures from the video game, God of War III. They serve as Poseidon's pets, and one of them serves as the first boss/mini-boss in the game.


Hippocampi are creatures made out of water. They have crustacean-like limbs, with a horse's head. They're also very long creatures, and said to be so strong that a few of them can easily defeat a Titan.


When the Titans were climbing Mount Olympus, Poseidon sent some of his Hippocampi to attack the Titans. One of them attacked Gaia, which caused her to slow down.

Boss Battle 1

Kratos then fights the Hippocampus while Gaia was climbing Mount Olympus. Kratos managed to both knock out the Hippocampus, and rip off it's lower jaw.

Boss Battle 2

It seemed that the Hippocampus was dead, but it was still clung onto Gaia. Kratos manage to rip off one of it's claws and rip off it's chest, revealing it's weak spot. Kratos then used the severed claw to stab it into the Hippocampus' chest killing it.

Poseidon's Boss Battle

Even though the Hippocampus was dead, Poseidon had more. During the Poseidon boss battle, a small army of Hippocampi joined Poseidon to form a Poseidon/Hippocampi construct. Some of them grabbed onto Gaia's head, while the others tried to stab Kratos with their claws. Kratos then has to attack the claws so the hippocampus could let go. After Kratos manage to rip open Poseidon's chest revealing his weak point, the procedure repeats. After Kratos saves Gaia again, the Hippocampi went after Gaia's hand. After Kratos killed the hippocampus, Gaia grabbed Poseidon, which caused Kratos to grab the real Poseidon. After Kratos killed Poseidon, it's likely that the remaining Hippocampi died as well.


  • Since Poseidon is the God of Horses, it makes sense that the Hippocampi have horse-like heads.
  • Many people confuses the singular and the plural of this creature's name: the singular is "Hippocampus" while the plural is "Hippocampi".