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Kemur first appeared in Ultra-Q and later in Ultraman, and has a very confusing history.



Arriving from a far away planet in the time zone of 2020, transporting innocent pepole with a strange goo. shortly afterwards he was discoverd, and he was chased by several police cars but was able to outrun the cars. it then discised itself until he was again confronted, and short at causing it to fall, but as soon as it hit the ground it started to grow into a giant, and picked up a ferris wheel and smashed it into a faraway building. solider's started to fire but nothing seemed to work, until X channel light rays were fierd from Tokyo tower severly wounding the alien, kemur then used his goo to teleport himself home. nothing is known of his captures.


Ultra Kemur

Later Alien Mephilas used a reincarnated Kemur as a foot solider, along with Baltan 2 and Zarab seijin. They stood menacingly around the city but not doing anything as Mephilas was a pacifist who dispised violence. He was never used and disappeared shortly after he appeared.


  • There is an alien featured later in an episode of Ultraman, with the same head as Kemur called Zettonian which owned Zetton which turned out to be one of the most famous enemies in Ultamans rouges gallery, its possible that Kemur/Zettonian is the boss or owner, maybe even a pupal stage.
  • There are a few toys of Kemur with the most recent Bandai figure in 2011