350px-Magular NEO


Magular is a monster that appeared in the original Ultraman series.


Magular is first briefly seen on a small deserted island coming up from through ground to view a battle between Red King and Chandora, but quickly flee's the incident out of fear.

Later when two Science Patrol members are searching for some missing scientists, Magular attacks them and knocks one of them out cold, but was quickly killed by grenades that were chucked into his mouth, blowing off the monster's head.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Battle

Magular finally returns in the first episode of Never Ending Battle, after Rei and Hyuga escape the explosion of a ZAP SPACY space station they were sucked into a black hole and endedup on a desert planet were they find th monters Magular and Gomess battleing one another, Gomess tosses Magular aside where Magular notices the humans, it charges at them but Rei summons Gomora who battles Gomess, Gomoa gets the upper hand but Magular joins in the battl, but Gomora easily kills the two with the Super Oscillatory Wave.