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The Mogwais are the first stage of the Gremlin life cycle. They are divided into friendly mogwais known as minority mogwai or "eternals" and cruel and spiteful mogwai, the majority mogwai. The most famous mogwai is Gizmo, who is the main hero of both gremlin movies, responsible for the death of Stripe and Mohawk. The mogwais are also incredibly rare and are thought to have been made by a scientist on a distant planet.


The mogwais were created by a scientist named Mogturmen on the planet Enz as ambassadors of peace. Mogturmen created them to spread happiness and peace around the universe. Unfortunately the mogwais had several problems. In spite of these problems, the galactic powers ordered the first batch of mogwais to be distributed to three planets: Earth, Clinpf-A, and Klm-6.


  1. Keep them out of bright light, especially sunlight, it can kill them.
  2. Keep them away from water.
  3. And whatever you do never, no matter how much they cry, no matter how much they beg, never feed them after midnight.

Noticeable mogwais