Pestar the Oil Drinker

Pestar (also known as the Oil Drinker) first appeared in episode 13 of the original Ultraman series, and again in Ultraman Powered episode 10.


Pestar is first seen by a drunk man destroying an oil truck, but the man's theorys were dismissed as he was very drunk, and was even blamed himself, but one of the science patrol had heard about the monster and linked it with other disappearances. They attempted to lure it out of hiding with several oil barrels and a nearby oil rig. Accidentally though, a missile was fired at Pestar whilst feeding, setting the oil on fire and angering the monster. Luckily Hayata transformed into Ultraman and defeated Pestar in a matter of minutes.

Ultraman Powered

Pestar powerd
Pestar is then seen again in Ultraman Powered and following much of the same storyline as his original appearance, although putting up a bit of a better fight is still killed just as easily.


Pestar is meant to resemble a cross between a bat and a starfish. The two starfish fusing together to give it "wings" and the center bat head.


  • Pestar was original going to have two heads, but was given two so it had a more bat-like appearance.
  • There are several toys made of Pestar.