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Rhino Doubler appears in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters episodes 31 and 32. He is an enemy of Geki Jumonji, the new Space Sheriff Gavan, and Shelly.

He belongs to the Space Mafia Makuu, an intergalactic crime syndicate that was defeated by the original Gavan. Modeled after Makuu's first Double Monster, Sai Doubler, Rhino Doubler has a built-in Axial Distorter on his chest that enables him to open a portal to Makuu Space.

As one of the members of the revived Makuu syndicate, Rhino Doubler escaped to Earth with Geki Jumonji, the current Space Sheriff Gavan, and his partner Shelly pursuing him with the Go-Busters' help. However, Rhino Doubler forms a partnership with Enter. After being killed by the Go-Busters and Gavan in Makuu Space, Rhino Doubler revived as a data-based giant when his lifeless body is infected with the Hikizurikomu (引きずり込む?, "to pull in") Metavirus. This infection also gave the Double Monster's Axial Distorter access to Subspace as he proceeds to open a portal over the city. Luckily, Rhino Doubler is destroyed by Great Go-Buster with Dol's help before the portal fully manifests.