Rhinosnorus is a Nighlok monster debuting in the Power Rangers Samurai episode "Broken Dreams". He is voiced by Campbell Cooley.

He can emit an oneiric mist from his mouth that traps people in a dream state, and he usually eats the dream incarnations of his victims in their dreams, effectively killing them. However, he does spare some of his potential dreaming victims, like Mia and Dayu. Unfortunately, after becoming a little more frightening, he was defeated in the episode "The Ultimate Duel" by Kevin's Hyrdo Bow and then with the Samurai Megazord. He later reappears as a ghost in "Party Monsters" where he is seen amongst the other deceased Nighloks attending their afterlife Halloween party.


  • He is the fourth dream-based monster in Power Rangers, the first being Somnibot, the second being Hexuba and the third being Nightmare.
  • He is the fourth enemy to be defeated by a ranger's weapon that's not a sword or a cannon, but instead a bow weapon, the first being Terror Toad, the second being Snizard, and the third being Spit Flower.
  • His head is that of a rhino fused with an elephant. His hands have the heads of a feline and a bird. His feet have the heads of a bull and what looks like a snake.