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Space Godzilla

Space Godzilla is a gigantic mutated offspring of Godzilla. Likely created either from Mothra's carrying Godzilla cells through a black hole travelling in space or by Biollante's rebirth and regeneration as her spores flew into space. Space Godzilla hates Godzilla and wants to destroy him and conquer Earth. Space Godzilla is as ruthless as he is nearly invincible.



Space Godzilla first appeared flying through space and engaging Moguera in a brief fight heavily damaging Moguera. Later he travels to Birth Island and abducts Baby Godzilla.

Godzilla soon arrives to save his son but is knocked down by Space Godzilla and defeated. Space Godzilla then captures Baby Godzilla and flies to Japan destroying everything in his path. Moguera shows up and engages Space Godzilla eventually destroying his shoulder crystals with his Spiral Grenade Missiles.  He is then attacked by Godzilla who blows up Space Godzilla with his red atomic spiral breath.

Video Game Space Godzilla


  • Space Godzilla appears in several Godzilla games often as a sub-boss.