The Sycorax were a race of space travelling pirates who practiced in ways of science and voodo magic. While the males would allways be seperated from their wives, who would be in another ship also robbing planets of their riches. underneath their skull like helmets they have skinned heads with red mussulcel and exposed teeth and big eyes.

The Christmas Invasion

On Christmas day a massive strange looking meteoreite is seen passing near earth. However, it turns out to actually be the sycorax ship piloted by the Halvinor Tribe. They threaten to destroy earth if they do not get half the human population as slaves, but as luck would have it the newly regenerated 10th Doctor is beamed to their ship and defies the Chief Sycorax and challenges the doctor to a duel. The two battle with large swords and the Sycorax actually manages to cut of the hand of the Doctor. However, due to still being in early stages of regeneration, it grew back. After defeating the Chief, the Sycorax leaves earth, but as they tried to leave, Harriet Jones the current Prime Minister orders the destruction of the Sycorax ship by firing a poweful laser and splitting the ship in half as they were departing from Earth, killing all the Sycorax. Jones claimed it was her duty for her country. However, the doctor mad at her has her forcefully retired.

The End of Time

The Sycorax reappear in a cameo scene in the space bar, where the Doctorr meets Captain Jack, a past traveling companion of the doctor and gives him Alonzo's (another past companion) name, who sits next to him as soon as the Doctor leaves. The Sycorax is seen alongside Adipose, Hath, Judoon, Graske, slitheen and several other unknown species.

The Pandorica Opens

The Sycorax were once again seen as part of the Pandorica alliance that helped imprison the 11th Doctor into the ultimate prison that is the Pandorica. There species would have been wiped out in the following aftermath. However, thanks to Amy, their species was rewritten back into existence after the second Big Bang.



  • The Sycorax also had a long running comic in DWM called The Brides Curse. Which involved the previous Sycorax wives of the Halvinor tribe taking revenge on the Earth.
  • There are several toys made of the Sycorax soldiers and Chief.
  • The Sycorax were also in the book Snow Globe 7.
  • In the Shakesphere, Code the Doctor comments that he does not like a cow skull because it reminds him of the Sycorax.
  • The Sycorax can live up to 400 years old.
  • The tribe in the Christmas Invasion were called the Halvinor Tribe.
  • They were also in the Decide Your Destiny book, the Coldest War.