1960 ... 'Village of the Damned'

The children

The Children are the main villians in the 1960 British movie, "Village of the Damned". After several strange going on's in the small village of Midwhich, all the woman and girls suddenly become pregnant, and one day they all give birth to unusual children, all the babies soon grow, they all have blond or snow white hair and strange fingernails. As they grow into young children they usually stay together in a group, have some kind of telepathic bond with one another and they can tell each other anything that they see from great distances. As one learns something, so do the others. Although well behaved and talk like adults they have no love, mercy or compassion.

Throughout the world similar things are happening, in many countries strange children are born, some die quickly while others survive. In Russia, the Russians had to kill several of their own mutant children.

The villiage's sinister children were soon educated by a man called Gordon whose own son David was one of them. Each child was put in a different building where they could learn and live.

Gordon soon learns how inhuman the children are. He compares the children's resistance to reasoning with a brick wall, and uses this motif as self-protection after the children's inhuman nature becomes obvious to him. He takes a hidden time-bomb to what he expects to be a session with the children, and tries to block their awareness of the bomb by visualizing the brick wall. David scans his mind - showing an emotion (astonishment) for the first time - "You're not thinking of atomic energy, you're thinking of...a brick wall!" The children exert force to try to break down Gordon's mental wall to learn what he is hiding from them. They discover his actions just a moment before the bomb detonates.

In the final shot the glowing eyes of the children appear against the background of the burning building, then move out of shot.