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One Million Years BC 1966 Ray Harryhausen Dynamation dinoloop.jpg

Essay plan Sociologists have made a clear distinction between race and ethnicity. Sociologists have rejected the notion that people fit into three main race types. The idea of race is simply a social construction. Ethnicity refers to the social category of people who share a common culture, customs and history. It does not connect with biological differences. There are several perspectives which attempt to explain why prejudice towards ethnic minorities exist. Theories such as functionalism and conflict theories such the Weberian perspective have their own explanations behind racism. There exists diverse issues regarding race and ethnicity. There are The Sheila Patterson Dark Strangers study from the 1950s looks over the immigrant host model. The study focuses over the relationship and acceptance of first generation immigrants from the West Indies. Sheila hoped to change the negative reputation and explain the immigrant assimilation process. Patterson deemed it was up to the hosts to overcome the wrong stereotypes and judge immigrants on their merit and willingness for work. A wide range of methods were used such as interviews among 150 African Caribbean’s and 250 from the white population. Sheila made observations of everyday life between the hosts and migrants. However, one weakness of Dark Strangers it that it mostly assumes the functionalist theory is correct. Other explanations for discrimination such as class conflict and the exploitation of labour which the Marxist perspective suggests has been excluded. The methodology could also be criticised. There was a clear disparity in the interviews with the numbers as 100 more whites were questioned which could produce a biased result. The information was gathered only in Brixton London. Without evidence of similar results in other locations it cannot be assumed the findings in Brixton applies to the rest of the UK.

As the information is from the 1950s its reliability could be questioned. Recent information in the 21st century suggest total assimilation has yet to be fulfilled. Ipsos Mori polls suggested 63% of the UK believed immigration was too high in 1989 and in 2013 the British attitudes survey revealed 56% of Britons wanted serious immigration reduction.

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[1]HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY DOCTOR WHO!Added by Hill Nothing fanWe the editors of the Monster Moviepedia wiki salute Doctor Who now entering its 50th historic reign! We encourage you to help edit and help our wiki grow! Let all editors across the internet celebrate the 50th year of one of Britain's most exciting TV shows!