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Hello! in Doctor Who today we never see the original Cybermen from Mondas in our universe. Its always the Cybus Cybermen from the parallel world, for years in the original Doctor Who it was the good old Mondas Cybermen that we saw! But in New Doctor Who we have not seen any of the old Cybermen with the exception of the head of one seen in Henrey Van Statten's museam in episode "Dalek", however...when the Doctor encountered the Parallel Cybermen in "Age of Steel" he did mention that "There are Cybermen in our universe" which shows us that the Mondas Cybermen are still alive, yet all we get is the Parallel Cyberme

A Cyberman from the Parallel world

n, Again, Again and Again! with their boring "DELETE DELETE" phrases! The mondas Cybermen are still alive, they were last seen in "Silver Nemasis" with the 8th Doctor and Ace, and many did survive! So where are they now? Does anyone know if we will see the real Cyber

last episode of the Mondas Cybermen

men again, or will there replacements always return with their darned Delete phrases!